When Sister Karolyn Rose walked into her room this morning, she found that Sarah* was already feeling the burden of another day inside.  Accustomed to having her husband, Fred*, close by at her side every day, she was understandably worried and becoming a little agitated, trying to get out of bed and into her wheel chair.

Sister Karolyn Rose knelt down beside Sarah’s bed, raised her pinky finger and said:  “Sarah, I’m happy to help you, but you need to let me know if you need anything. How about we pinky swear that you’ll let me know before you try to get up?  I want you to be safe. ”   Sarah readily agreed, pinkies were joined, and the promise made.

Later that day, we were able to connect Sarah and her husband on our virtual connection program, and Sister Karolyn Rose just happened to be walking by and stopped in to say “Hi”.

Sister related to Fred the “pinky swear” promise she and Sarah made stating:  “I don’t know where I got the inspiration, but she immediately jumped on it.” Fred teared up, sharing that when they were dating they always pinky swore to each other. It was their little way of showing their love for one another. 

Sister later shared this story with another resident, who upon hearing it exclaimed:  “That just fills me with joy!”

Yes, it seems the Lord is answering our prayers to be vessels of love and mercy.  By an action as simple as a “pinky swear promise”, which for most of us recalls fond memories of childhood, we were able to bring comfort to Sarah and Fred.  What a great blessing the Lord sent us.  Praise God!
*Names changed (except Sister’s)

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