Santa Teresita

Sponsored by the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles, is a 12-acre Neighborhood of Care for seniors in need of assisted living or skilled nursing services – a striking witness to our mission of being “at the service of your family for life.”

Our Neighborhood of Care

Please be advised that the main line for Santa Teresita (626-359-3243) is currently down and being phased out. Our operational line that are in use are 626-359-3244 or 626-408-7802.
If you need to reach a resident who has an extension, please call 626-359-3244 + extension.

Assisted Living

Good Shepherd Cottage and Cristo Rey Cottage

Inviting comforts of home in a loving community. Independence with a helping hand as needed.

Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Services

Santa Teresita Manor

Quality, resident-centered care and comprehensive therapy services. Warmth and compassion that make all feel like family.

COVID-19 Updates


Santa Teresita is doing everything possible to ensure our beloved residents stay safe. Leadership is meeting daily to discuss the updated recommendations from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). We will continue to provide updates and stay in contact with resident families on a regular basis.

Current In-person Visitation Guidelines:

RCFE Visitation Protocols

RCFE Visitation Protocols (Updated 2/18/2022)

SNF Visitation Protocol

SNF Visitation Protocol (Updated 2/18/2022)

Find out more about how we are working to keep our residents safe and healthy!

Santa Teresita Job Fair

Wednesday, May 10, 2017
10:00 am – 2:00 pm
819 Buena Vista St., Duarte, California 91010

Do you feel called to serve beloved seniors from the heart? Then Santa Teresita may be the place for you!
May 10, 2017 we will be hosting a job fair from 10 am- 2p. Interviews on-site. Please bring your resume.

  • Free BBQ
  • Free Health Screenings
  • World Famous Magician, Gene Urban
  • Live Music, The Maestroa
  • Face Painting
  • Raffle for Prizes

Save the Date! March 11, 2017 9th Annual Hayden 5K Run, Family Walk and Roll for Hayden!

On Saturday, March 11, 2016 over 1,000 participants will descend upon Santa Teresita in Duarte to take part in the 9th Annual Hayden 5K Run, Family Walk & Roll. This fun-filled day, in support of Santa Teresita’s Hayden Child Care Center, promotes healthy living and family fun, drawing participants not only from the San Gabriel Valley but the greater Los Angeles area, as well.

Hayden 5k

On March 10, 2018, over 1,000 participants will descend upon Santa Teresita to take part in the 10th Annual Hayden 5K Run, Family Walk & Roll. This fun-filled day, in support of our Hayden Child Care Center, promotes healthy living and family fun, drawing participants not only from the San Gabriel Valley but the greater Los Angeles area as well.

You're Invited!

To the blessing of our new Chapel Doors and Bells! RSVP now and you'll have a chance to win a $500 Visa Gift Card!


Resident Activity Highlights

Cottage December Events

Manor December Events


The staff of Santa Teresita truly possess love as a core aspect of their nature. We often refer to them as “Angels”. We have a high regard for the nuns and staff that work tirelessly in such a virtuous calling, especially during the pandemic.

In January this year our mother celebrated her 99th birthday. Due to COVID-19 we were not able to celebrate her birthday in person. However, Santa Teresita would not let us down. They celebrated her birthday and included her entire family, children and grandchildren all through Zoom. The room was filled with balloons, cupcakes and our gifts for mom. Mom was thoroughly surprised and happy to see this joyous occasion unfold.

The staff at Santa Teresita all work tediously to comfort those who are in need with patience and love. We have witnessed mom’s joy and laughter once again flow as she sings her favorite songs with the staff. I thank God for revealing Santa Teresita Skilled Nursing Manor to us at such a tender time of hopelessness and fear.

Yolanda Casillas

Former Resident Family Member

We have been truly blessed to have our mother as a resident in the Elder Care Manor at the Santa Teresita Medical Center for over fifteen years now. In a time and age where our elderly are, sadly, viewed as more of a burden, nuisance, and the “forgotten generation” by many families and also the vast majority of elder care facilities stemming throughout this country, it is a true breath-of-fresh-air and of God’s grace to have the dear Carmelite Sisters offering a highly medically-efficient, caring, dependable, and reliable facility which offer the Catholic families of this region a truly safe and professional place where our loved ones can live out the remainder of their years with peace of mind, not only for them but for their families as well.

Santa Teresita Medical Center offers a full spectrum of Catholic living through daily mass, rosary, the holy sacraments, regularly scheduled anointing of the sick, and an overall atmosphere which bespeaks of the true teachings of Jesus Christ. I have said it more than once and I shall say it again and again, Santa Teresita is the best Elder Care campus which provides the most excellent care for the elderly in the San Gabriel Valley of the Los Angeles area.

Raymond Molina

Former Resident Family Member

The nuns at Santa Teresita joined their order due to their passion for caring for the physical, mental, and spiritual care for our loved ones. I can absolutely attest to their care in all 3 categories! Both my grandfather and I have noticed a steady upswing in my grandmother’s mood since entering Santa Teresita (sometimes you can miss signs of depression when you’re living with a situation for so long). Their service and commitment is outstanding. These nuns and caregivers are outstanding in their care and attentiveness. They call any time there is any change of any kind in your loved one! Whether it be doctor visit results, +/- 3 lbs weight change, diet change recommendations, EVERYTHING!

Santa Teresita had possibly the fastest response to the Covid-19 epidemic in all of California. They immediately locked down and implemented the strictest of policies to ensure the safety of their staff and those under their care (including use of completely separate facilities and staff for those patients under quarantine).

We get emails once or twice weekly with updates with general updates, plus Covid-19 positivity rates at the facility.

Santa Teresita gets two thumbs up, 5 stars, and 10/10 from our family!

Matthew Hudnall

Current Resident Family Member

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