Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have to be Catholic to live at Santa Teresita?

No, you do not have to be Catholic to live at Santa Teresita. It is true that our mission and identity is rooted in the teachings and doctrine of the Catholic Church, but we welcome people of all faiths.  We also strive to foster and develop a life of prayer and faith for each of our residents, whether it is through Bible studies, daily Mass, or positive interactions with the Carmelite Sisters.

I am worried about not having much to do if I move into assisted living or skilled nursing. Are there opportunities to do things?

Definitely!  There are many opportunities for residents to be involved on our campus.  We also provide opportunities for Holy Communion, Rosary, daily Mass, and Bible Studies.  We invite you to check out what we do to engage our residents on our activities page!

What is the difference between Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing?

Assisted Living differs from Skilled Nursing in that it does not offer complex medical services.  What it does offer, however, is a medically knowledgeable and supportive environment that enables seniors to exercise their independence with a personalized support program for those areas where they may need additional assistance in order to enhance quality of life and prolong independence.  Basic services can include assistance with medication management, housekeeping, meal preparation and activities of daily living.

Are we allowed to visit our loved ones after they move?

Of course!  We believe that familial relationships are beautiful gifts in the lives of our residents.  Therefore, families are welcome to come and be a part of our Neighborhood of Care.  Whether you join your family member for a meal or attend Sunday Mass together – we invite you to continue to have an active role in the life of your loved one.  We also often have family and community events, which are perfect opportunities to come see all that takes place at Santa Teresita!

Can we come for a tour?

We would love for you to come and visit our campus!  We schedule individual tours for all three of our facilities throughout the week during a time that is most convenient for you.  Please contact our Admissions Office for more information.

Do you allow a trial period?

Santa Teresita offers a variety of ‘trial periods’ in skilled nursing and assisted living. Respite stays are opportunities for seniors to stay with us for a short-term period in order to allow their caregivers or family members a break from the duties of care giving, time to attend to personal needs or to take a trip or vacation.  Respite stays vary in length, and the time can be determined on a case-by-case basis.  Sometimes respite stays can also become the first step towards considering a more permanent residence at Santa Teresita.

Sometimes the move into Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing can seem daunting, especially if the potential resident is coming from their own home.  To make sure that each resident is confident of their decision to move into a new living environment, we offer ‘trial stays’ so that the resident and their family can make sure that Santa Teresita is the right place for them.

Assisted Living

Is furniture provided? Can we still bring our own furniture?

Santa Teresita is able to provide furniture, but most residents prefer to bring their own furniture because it adds an element of comfort from home to their new environment.

I am interested in Assisted Living. Will the cost of living in one of your assisted living facilities be covered by my insurance, Medicare, or Medical?

Some long-term care insurances do provide assistance for assisted living, but in the majority of cases, the cost is out-of-pocket/private pay.

I own a car that I would like to bring with me to use while I live at Santa Teresita. Are residents allowed to have cars?

Yes, residents in assisted living are able to maintain the use of a car if they are safely able to drive and go out independently.  A decision regarding this is made on a case-by-case basis.

Skilled Nursing

Is furniture provided? Can we still bring our own furniture?

Furniture is provided at the Manor Skilled Nursing, but residents are able to bring their own furniture if they would like and if certain fire and safety regulations are met.  This decision is made on a case-by-case basis.

What type of rehabilitation services are provided at the Manor Skilled Nursing?

We provide physical, occupational, restorative, and speech therapy at Santa Teresita.  The customized individual treatment plans allow residents to have the opportunity to develop and improve various skills.  Please click here for more information regarding our rehabilitation services at Santa Teresita.

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