Reflections from our Sisters

Reflection on a Rose – by Sister Karolyn Rose
I had the privilege of caring for one of our Manor residents in our COVID unit, who is a coronavirus survivor.  One day as I was sitting with her, she became reflective with a faraway look in eyes, as she told me her mother’s name had been “Rose”, as was her older sister’s, called “Rosita” to distinguish from their mother.  Unfortunately, their mother died at a young age, and care for the children fell to Rosita, the eldest sister, who indeed cared for and loved her siblings truly like a mother.  

Our resident’s thoughts returned to the present as she turned her gaze toward me, and with a warm smile said:  “Now that I am old and vulnerable, I have another Rose to care for me here in the COVID unit.  All my life, God has given me a ‘Rose’ to care for me.”

What a blessing this beautiful resident is!  We gratefully thank God for her healing.

A Positive Choice – by Sister Gianna
At our both our assisted living cottage, we are take every possible precaution in ensuring the health and safety of our residents.  In fact, the residents’ rooms are contact/isolation rooms and remain the safest place for them.

Skilled nursing facilities have faced much negative media attention as the coronavirus made its way around the world.  A few days ago, one of our newer residents, told me that despite all the negative media scrutiny, she chooses to look at the situation in a positive light.  She said:  “I am overwhelmingly grateful to be living here at Santa Teresita.  If I was not here, I’d be isolated; I couldn’t go out for things I need, and what would I have done about groceries?  Here, everything is taken care of for me, you help me with everything.  I can watch the Mass on tv every day.  I’m becoming quite spoiled!  I couldn’t ask for anything more!”

This sweet resident left a thoughtful thank you card for the sisters and staff that read:  “It is a pleasure being in quarantine with all of you!”

March Madness and COVID – by Sister Pia
Whoops, hoots and hollers were heard in the hall yesterday, as two residents faced off in their own March Madness playoff game of the COVID season!  With a homemade basketball basket, staff and residents were cheering them on as Joanie* and Sue* headed off with beanbags and soft basketball toys!

Not even COVID-19 can dampen the enthusiasm of true basketball fans!
            (*)names have been changed to protect privacy

Learning by Example – by Sister Pia
This week we received a sweet and precious surprise from the eight-year old daughter of one of our staff members.  For her birthday, this little girl requested personal protective equipment that she could donate to the Manor where her mother works instead of presents.

What a great surprise for us.  It is also a reflection of the beautiful people we have serving with us in our mission of caring for our elderly residents, who also teach their children to serve, as well.  Through this little girl’s generosity, the Manor received two boxes of isolation masks and home-made face shields.

May God richly reward this thoughtful little girl and her family!

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