A Reflection from Cristo Rey Resident

A consequence of the coronavirus is the continued “social distancing” and quarantines that have left most of us isolated from friends and family. Yes, it is scary and discouraging, so much so, that even the most stouthearted among us can’t help the feeling afraid and anxious.

Our Mother Luisita was no stranger to feelings of fear and anxiety – these were her companions for much of her adult life. However, she also knew that by keeping her eyes fixed on Jesus, she would be at peace, and her soul filled with tranquility – the very means by which to overcome fear and anxiety. We, her spiritual daughters, take heart and are encouraged by her words: “…our Lord will take care of everything. Living these many years has taught me what God’s providence can do, and believe me, nothing affects or frightens me because experience has made me see that He is always there watching us very closely and helping us in everything. Be at peace.” It is a great joy for us when we have the opportunity to share this wisdom of Mother Luisita with others. Today was such a day.

Our residents in our assisted living cottages have been confined to their rooms for several weeks now. Each day, several of us sisters check in with each resident, to visit with them, and to comfort and encourage them. As we talked at length with Kathleen*, she mentioned that she reads the newspaper, and quietly confessed to feeling very anxious and fearful by what she reads. We recalled to her Mother Luisita’s remedy to combat anxiety and fear: keep your eyes fixed on Jesus – especially during this Easter season, because He is risen and has conquered sin and evil! Spontaneously, we began to pray, asking our risen Jesus to cast out fear and restore peace and joy to each resident in the cottage.

After concluding our prayer, Kathleen was quiet, reflective, then she slowly began to speak: “In watching you sisters, I have observed what compassion you have. All of us residents are so grateful for this gift of compassion, and I will tell them to keep their eyes fixed on Jesus as your Mother Luisita did, as you sisters do. I already feel at peace because I am reminded that Jesus is walking this journey with us.”

The coronavirus is powerless to take away our Easter joy. Just remember to your eyes fixed on our Risen Lord in Whom all peace and consolation is found.

*resident’s name has been changed to protect privacy

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