By Sr. Jeannine Marie, O.C.D.

“You must build a little cell within your soul as I do. Remember that God is there and enter it from time to time, when you feel nervous or you’re unhappy. Quickly seek refuge there and tell the Master all about it.” – St Elizabeth of the Trinity
These words of Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity seem to have been penned for all of us today amidst the fear and confusion caused by the coronavirus outbreak. One feels so powerless against this present uncertainty that surrounds us. Where can one turn?

Elizabeth’s life in France in the 1880’s was also at times filled with uncertainty and trepidation. Like us, she searched for reasons and answers to all the ordeals she faced and in her search, she found her hidden power. Elizabeth came to understand that her strength lies deep within her soul. Here, in a place reserved for God alone, she entered from “time to time” to draw comfort and direction from a loving God.

The roads and streets are vacant and all appear silent. We suddenly find ourselves with an opportunity to live this Lent in a very different way. In every headline, in every newsflash, we can see Christ in the faces of countless brothers and sisters suffering throughout the world. St. Elizabeth shows us the way to allay our fears by going within ourselves to our hidden room. Turn to Him who is waiting to comfort and strengthen you. He is nearer to you than you are to yourself!

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