For the past couple of years, as the drought has gotten progressively worse, all of our Carmelite Sisters have been busy praying and praying for God’s gift of rain. It’s funny how, so often, we don’t realize what a gift something is until we don’t have it anymore, and we suffer the consequences. Our large field at Santa Teresita, which had been watered by sprinklers and kept very much alive, green, and luscious, went gradually browner and browner as we made our contribution to water conservation. Signs that read “Brown is the new green” went up around the campus in an effort to explain the fairly large, pretty sad, and very dead field which sat smack in the middle of campus.

The Sisters choose St. Joseph, a favorite of all Carmelites, as our intercessor in this matter of rain, and encouraged our residents to join in bombarding the saint with prayers for rain. At last, this winter at the close of the Year of Mercy, he has decided to hear the prayers of his humble friends, and the Lord has sent down bucket loads upon us! Now, “green is the new brown”, and our campus is bursting with beauty and delightful green grass and wildflowers!

Thank you, St. Joseph for hearing our prayer. We never doubted you would!

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