At Hayden Child Care Center, the morning cheer to celebrate National Catholic Schools Week went something like this: ‘Jesus is the lead that’s why we learn to read…Jesus is the Way, that’s why we learn to pray.’

Our students celebrated this special week by dedicating each day to appreciating an important aspect of their lives: parents, teachers, Jesus’ presence in our school, and more. The Sheepdog (kindergarten) students visited with the Cottage Assisted Living residents, sharing their favorite books for some fun reading time. All our children were able to make special visits to the Blessed Sacrament throughout the week. To top it all off at the end of the week, a fiesta took place during “Jesus time”, and thank you cards were made for parents and teachers, those who have passed down to us the marvelous gift of the faith.

The opportunity to freely live and share our Catholic faith, the center of education here at Hayden, is truly a gift; a gift that is very worth celebrating.

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