The Poetry Corner
Original Poetry by Residents

“From My Pink Room Corner”
By:  A Santa Teresita Resident

The night before my birthday

I still felt young and gay

But trust me dearest friends

What I’m about to say:

I hurt with every toe move

My hands getting mighty lame

And each my hands and my elbows

Are sadly in pain all the same.

The sleepneed is lately increasing

While often throughout the night

My head feels like a circus

With sideshows on each side

Speak pain and know it is present

Which-ever side I might be

On either both fibric shoulders

Or the knee’s enough to weep

At a ninety-one plus, and counting

Its time to look upwards more times

Instead of around close corners

With the had-beens repeat on my mind

“The elderly are meant to be part of the social scene,
they are a part of God’s plan for the world, 
with their mission to fulfill,
their unique contribution to make.”

Saint John Paul II

Santa Teresita…Where Every Life Matters

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