A Day in the Life of Santa Teresita…Our Neighborhood of Care

Most people celebrate Easter on Easter Sunday, however the Santa Teresita residents decided to celebrate Tuesday of the Easter Octave because they wanted to save Easter Sunday for time with their families. The excitement started building on Monday; residents were asking me when we would be getting the eggs ready for the Easter egg Hunt. A few were looking forward with extra anticipation because they volunteered to help the staff hide the eggs for the rest of the residents.

When I came in Tuesday morning, I was surprised to find most of the residents who wanted to help already up, ready and waiting for me in the Pink room. They were impatient to begin!

I went down to the office to pick up the eggs and walked back with them to the pink room. When I walked in with the eggs, there were smiles everywhere. Residents quickly gathered around me and sat down at the table. We agreed to set the eggs throughout the room at eye level so that everyone would be able to participate even the Hayden children if they decided to surprise us that day.

As I walked around the room hiding eggs I could hear the residents laughing and sharing stories about how they used to do this for their children and their grandchildren. They thought it was great fun to do it now for each other and their Santa Teresita Family. As I circled the room, I noticed one of the residents trying to get my attention. I leaned toward her to ask her what she needed. She grinned and said, “We’re ready to start the social.”

The residents that had volunteered to help were overjoyed that it was time to invite the rest of the residents in. As residents started to come into the creatively decorated room, they saw the eggs throughout the pink room and began to reminisce about Easter Sunday experiences they had as children and what they did with their own children.

“What beautiful decorations!”

“Look how many eggs there are!”

“When I was a boy…”

“I remember when my children were small…”

Some residents pushed those in wheelchairs around the pink room in the search of eggs. Others sat at tables and enjoyed snacks. The room was filled with laughter and joy!


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