A Day in the Life of Santa Teresita…Our Neighborhood of Care

Dear St. Therese,

Thanks for such a special day to celebrate with you this past October 1st. When I saw the little Hayden children go up the aisle during the offertory procession at Mass, each bringing up a rose, my heart rejoiced. Sister held the vase down to their level and Father looked down at each one with a delighted grin. This must be how the Heavenly Father looks at each one of us and how Mary bends down from Heaven to our aid.

Earlier in the Mass, one of our residents from the Manor was escorted on the arm of another sister to the podium and she read the first reading as clear as a bell. This was a first and it was so good for my soul to see. It was hard not to start cheering from the pew like a proud mama.

Then Jesus opened the flood gates and poured down his abundance on us all in the form of a very tasty meal from Stonefire Grill. They donated it to us, one of the many donations they have given to bring joy to our residents and to the community here. Seeing all of the sisters and staff sitting together, care free, enjoying each others presence, while sharing a delicious and nurturing meal was a foretaste of the heavenly banquet. That’s where you are now, Therese.

One of my favorite parts of the day was when sister surprised me and another staff member in my office. She was singing a song to you, Therese, and then, around the corner came two residents delivering donuts and rose petal sachet’s that they had made themselves. Big smiles, hugs, and kisses (that make noise-that’s what you like, Therese!) for all.

Therese, you taught us to put all of our confidence in our Loving Father. Thanks for making this so clear and tangible on your special day. Please keep sending our way a shower of roses from heaven.


Your Little Sister in Carmel

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