By: Carmelite Sisters

The stars and stripes fly low in May

In honor of memorial day;

The flag half staff, our eyes did rise

To pay due praise to sacrifice;

Beneath the flag in a field of flowers

Gathered all at the appointed hour;

Navy seals and world war vets,

Rosie the Riveters and air force jets,

Marines and Army corp. service men,

And all who came to honor them,

Did bow their heads in humble prayer,

To ask God’s blessing and a share

Of richest blessings in memory of

The greatest service given in love.


A WAVE shares her memories   Residents gather for a moment of silence around the American Flag to remember their comrades and honor each other.   Veterans share their stories_1
Wave Veteran 
Gathered together
to pray for all
who have served
Veteran shares  
his story

Our gratitude for all who served our nation in the military and especially for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice does not begin and end on Memorial Day.  We thank God everyday for all our Veterans, especially those we are privileged to serve at Santa Teresita!

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