Antique Roadshow…you can’t put a price on memories!

Have you ever been to the Antique Road Show? Hundreds of people usually show up with priceless treasures from Grandma and Grandpa. The hall is filled with noise and excitement as each person has their treasure valued at current market price. But how much more fun would it be if the Antique Road show came to you?

This is precisely the wonderful opportunity the residents of Santa Teresita enjoyed one bright February morning. Over a delicious breakfast, an antique evaluator traveled around the room pricing the precious objects toted along.

Among the treasures were a beautiful hand-carved wooden side table displaying St. Michael the archangel, a hand-painted Japanese dish, a Shirley Temple porcelain doll and a Dutch-painted pitcher. One person squealed with joy as the value was pronounced. “I never would have thought…” she exclaimed.

Yet, more exciting than the values of these treasures were some of the stories of how the treasures were obtained and passed on from age to age. You could see the nostalgia in their eyes as they recalled the day. Yes, more valuable than the antiques themselves were the memories contained within. For that, no one could ever give a price.


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