Reflections on Catholic Healthcare

It was like something you only see on movies. In the center of Santa Teresita Campus, a large screen had been set up on the spacious lawn. I almost began to think that Hollywood had set up camp to do a special showing. Large speakers flanked either side of the screen and a projector stood behind it. Along the sidewalk, two tables were spread with a banquet of snack items, even a large popcorn machine was there.

During the daylight hours, the day was filled with anticipation that rose to exhilaration by the time the sun began to set. After enjoying a supper, 10 wheelchairs took their positions. Walkers also lined up next to folding chairs. Even several electric scooters sped to the scene. Soon a sizable group of sisters, volunteers, manor residents, assisted living residents and a few families were all camped out on the lawn for a feature film.

Some sat comfortably in their wheelchairs with blankets on their laps while a couple families spread large blankets on the lawn and sat picnic style. I stood back for a moment to simply relish the unlikely sight. All eyes were glued to the 20 foot tall screen as the opening scene of the movie unfolded. Throughout the film, some cried, some laughed, but everyone cheered.

The movie was delightful and inspiring, but the community that gathered around is what touched me the most. It was like being in your own backyard having a movie party, except much bigger.  There was a real sense of family as we enjoyed each other and the entertainment under the stars.

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