As the daylight fades, I embark upon a trek across the green lawn. All the sisters are beginning to gather in the Chapel to join together in our daily Holy Hour. After a full day, I too, am headed to the Chapel, ready to praise the Lord for His graces.

I glance up and am suddenly overwhelmed by a beautiful sight. The foothills are all aglow in the evening light. Different hues and shades of pinks dance along the graceful curves of the sloping hills. Shadows lengthen and play creating the illusion that the hills are alive. Lifting up my face to the sky, I turn to the direction of the setting sun and am caught by a simpler yet equally wonderful sight.

Outlined in the brilliant glow of evening, two sisters stand joyfully conversing with one of our residents. Her close friend stands behind her with his hand gently resting on her wheelchair. He, too, is enthusiastically engaged in the conversation. I stood for a while soaking in the beauty that envelopes this campus and whisper a prayer of gratitude for the gifts God showers so abundantly upon us.

I am always amazed that in the midst of a big city I can still be surrounded by the beauty of nature and the joy of a loving community.

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