Reflections on Catholic Healthcare

The rose has held special symbolism throughout history.  It has been a symbol of love, friendship, romance, fidelity and beauty.  It seems that most people like roses and enjoy being given them.  

So when I saw a beautiful rose peeking out of the purse of one of our residents, it caught my eye.  “May I see your rose?” I asked as I approached her wheelchair. She smiled brightly with pride as she showcased her cherished possession.  The little bud was a brilliant red and made of a delicate silk material.  Attached to the stem was a white ribbon with a message. “Have you read this yet?” I inquired. “Of course!” she said. Then laughing admitted, “But I don’t remember what it says.”

I bend down and read the little poem out loud:

“God Created The Rose

in the likeness of women.

The Rose Represents Beauty.

The Stem Represents Strength.

The Petals Are Soft As Skin.

The Fragrance Pure And Sweet.

The Leaves Represent Arms Outstretched.

Always Loving. Always Giving.

Each Time You Look At

This Rose Remember…

God Made You Special.”

Completing the poem, I looked up and smiled. The resident beside her had also been all ears. As soon as the poem was done, he looked at the two of us with a mischievous grin and a sparkle in his eyes as he inquired, “What about the thorns?”

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