Reflections on Catholic Healthcare

Aren’t we constantly reminded that life is a spiritual battle and that we need to put on the armor of faith which St. Paul speaks of in his letter to the Ephesians? So when the Carmelites pray, we take it seriously. But did you know that we also employ other prayer warriors? These warriors come in all shapes, sizes and even ages. The prayer of a child is precious, but the prayers of the elderly are also very powerful.

Let me tell you a little about one of our prayer warriors that you might have the pleasure of meeting one day. As I come off the elevator and turn towards the statue of the Sacred Heart, a little figure in a wheelchair sits silently in His shadow, clutching her rosary. The minute she sees me, her prayerful demeanor changes into one of great jubilation. “Alleluia! Praise the Lord, Sister!” Throwing her arms straight up to heaven, she beams as she proclaims the praises of Christ. I am not the only one she greets this way. In fact, every person she encounters receives a joy-filled “Alleluia” when they meet her. She constantly bring joy and praise wherever she goes.

The other day, one of the sisters asked her to pray for a special intention. She quietly agreed and went to work plying her Rosary beads. The next day, when she saw sister coming towards her, the customary greeting had changed slightly. Instead of shouting “Alleluia,” she held her Rosary up in triumph and proclaimed: “For Nurses!” Is it any wonder then that we have been so blessed with wonderful co-workers to labor beside us in the Lord’s vineyard? Thank God for our faithful prayer warriors!


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