Excitement filled the air as the crowds stood to sing the National Anthem. The last note still echoed through the stadium as the announcer’s voice boomed loudly: “Play Ball!” It had begun: the face off between the LA Dodgers and the St. Louis Cardinals.

The residents of Good Shepherd Cottage gathered around a large screen TV ready to cheer the Dodgers on to victory. At 5:30, about 10 Sisters joined the scene to help root for our home team. Egg rolls, peaches and coconut-pineapple drinks were generously distributed as the tension mounted. Two innings played and no score on the score board.

Every 15 minutes or so a solitary figure sauntered by the huddled spectators. A Dodger fan himself, he still could not resist taunting the mesmerized group. As he passed by, he shouted, “Go Cardinals!” His greeting was accompanied by a mixture of groans and laughter. He never settled down to watch the game, but he certainly enjoyed walking by and teasing everyone.

After a couple more innings, the fate of the Dodgers seemed sealed and I am sure that all of you know the outcome of the game. For the residents of the Good Shepherd Cottage, the details of the game are inconsequential, the company of the sisters and one another being far more memorable.

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