The other day, I was mentally absorbed in the logistics of moving furniture for one of our Assisted Living residents. Lost in thought, I was crossing the lawn with a couple of lamps when I heard the strains of a cheerful melody floating through the air. I looked around but all I could see was the empty lawn with a couple of gardeners scattered around. “It must be the gardeners playing the radio from their truck,” I thought to myself.

The music did get louder as I approached their truck, but it did not seem to be the source of the music. I looked around bemused. Where could the music be coming from? Now I could distinctly hear a tambourine playing along with the music. It was just a smidgen off beat, so I knew it could not be a radio. Still, I could not see anyone else gathered around.

I noticed the door to the Manor Pink Room open, but the sounds did not seem to coming from there either. In fact, the Pink Room looked rather dark. No families were visible in the covered patio and the door to the Rehab gym was closed. Madonna Hall stood still and dark; the sounds could not be from there. Still my eyes searched for the source of the joyous music. It definitely seemed to be coming from the direction of the Manor, but I could not figure out its origins.

Then I looked up to behold a beautiful sight. Gathered on the second floor patio of the Manor were a couple of Activity personnel, a volunteer playing his guitar, and about 15 residents. One resident was dancing to the music, while another wielded the tambourine, while others simply enjoyed the song or sang a few words. They were thoroughly enjoying the music and each other as they sat in the open air. This is not an uncommon sight for me, but I had been so absorbed in what I was doing that I completely forgot about one of the residents’ favorite activities, Jammin’ with Jan.

It was such a refreshing sight to see and hear. Finally, I found the source of the music. How much more beautiful than simply a radio playing from a truck!

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