Have you ever had one of those mornings where it seemed as if your to do list was longer than the day would allow? I have and the other morning was one of them. Whenever you are in a rush, it never seems to fail, every possible interruption to your plans occurs and even the mile-long task list hardly gets touched.

I was on a mission. My mind was racing and my feet moved quickly as I buzzed past the nurses station. Then it happened: I heard a bright voice calling out, “Sister.” Reluctantly, I pulled up to a stop and turned around to face this interuption with the thought, “I hope this doesn’t take long.” Before me sat one of our new residents, one I had barely met. As I had missed her question to me, I asked her to repeat. With great cheerfulness and hope, she exclaimed, “Sister, can I have a hug?”

This stopped me dead in my tracks. Smiling, I knelt down by her wheelchair and was enfolded in an enthusiastic embrace. Somehow, the morning seemed to change and all the important things I had running through my mind did not seem quite as important anymore. Suddenly, I realized that this was Jesus’ way of saying: “Sister, Sister, you are worried and anxious about many things. Only one thing is necessary.” Usually people see the sisters ministering to the sick and elderly, but there are also touching moments when our elderly and sick minister to us. It is in this relationship of mutual help and encouragement that we each grow closer to heaven together. I continually give thanks to God for the moments that make me pause and remember this precious gift.

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