Reflections on Catholic Healthcare

I have discovered a simple little black object that seems to magically transform a normal humdrum day into an exciting adventure. As soon as I pull out this magical instrument, people begin to dance.

Although it makes no music, some enthusiastically dance into view with a brilliant smile while others dodge quickly for cover, hiding behind anything they can find.  What music-less instrument can cause such different types of dancing? It is a quite ordinary object and you may see it everyday, but I am pretty sure you react to it as well.  So what is my magical little black object? A camera.

I pull out a camera, point it with purpose and enjoy the various dances that ensue. One particular resident caused me to smile. Upon seeing the camera, his face lit up with joy. He immediately tried to flag me down.

“Come, come.” He excitedly called.

I came.

“Me, too!” He pointed at the camera and flashed a winning smile. He wanted a picture taken of him. Smiling, I pointed the camera and clicked.  After taking the photo, he gently looked up, thanked me and motioning again to the camera softly said, “for my wife.”

The love with which he said it touched me deeply. His dance to the center of the lens was not for himself, but an expression of love for his wife. He wanted her to see him happy.  I left the room grateful for such a simple example of fidelity and love. Perhaps the camera is not the only magical thing I encountered that day.

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