“God has a plan. I have lived so many years and I have come to conclude and believe God has a plan.” These words from an elderly resident pieced the heart of Father Patrick, the on-site chaplain at Santa Teresita, as he delivered Communion. He had previously been praying and seeking God’s guidance and direction regarding a particular situation in his life. Little did he know that our Lord would speak to him that day through the words of an elderly woman who was in her 90’s. As he later recalled this instance, Father Patrick said, “That was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. In fact, I need to hear that every day!”

The simple fact that our Lord has a plan can be a great source of comfort for those who are faced with a difficult decision. The Blessed Trinity, Who created the Heavens and the earth and is now loving us into existence, cares about us beyond our comprehension and desires only our good. Therefore, He has created a plan for each and every one of us. Our task and our mission is to seek and respond to His will- a difficult responsibility, but one with rewards that will greatly prevail in the end.

This theme of God’s guiding plan is one common thread in the tapestries of stories of many residents’ journey and decision to come to Santa Teresita. Bill Curtin, the son of Jean and Bill Curtin who were residents at the Manor Skilled Nursing, said, “I speak on behalf of all of my siblings when I say that our experience at Santa Teresita was outstanding. It was directed by God to have Mom and Dad go there- no doubt about it.” 

Gloria Munoz, a resident of Santa Teresita Manor Skilled Nursing, also experienced God’s guiding hand in her journey to come to Santa Teresita. Ever since she was a young girl she remembers her mother having a statue of the Little Flower, Saint Therese, in her bedroom. During an interview, Gloria said, “I looked at it and thought that it was a beautiful saint. I always was afraid of getting sick and ending up in a nursing home because I had heard some bad stories.” She continued to say that her mother’s prayers were answered through Santa Teresita, and she has had a wonderful experience at the Manor. She is truly happy and enjoys the support that she has received from the Carmelite Sisters, nurses, and other employees.

The understanding that our Lord has a guiding hand in our lives truly reveals the depths of His love for us. He desires our greatest happiness and has therefore designed a plan for our lives- a plan that will lead us closer to Him and ultimately closer to Heaven. Let our prayer be this day to follow our Lord’s will and trust the wise words of one of our residents, “God has a plan.”

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