Reflections on Catholic Healthcare

A day in the life of a resident…

Arising with the earlier morning rays of dawn gently playing across the floor, she carefully pondered her selection of clothing. Today was going to be a special day and the right outfit was needed. When Sister Gaudencia had first announced that there would be an outing available for those who would like to visit the Huntington Gardens, she was the first one to jump at the opportunity. Now, the day had finally arrived!

She carefully planned out her morning: Breakfast, Mass, and a little bit of time to put things in order before the bus departed. At 10:15 she excitedly made her way to the appointed meeting place. Sitting outside by the fountain she looked around. “Funny,” she thought to herself, “no one is here yet.” After 10 minutes, a sinking feeling gripped her. “Where is the bus?” Noticing her sitting outside by herself, one of the caregivers came out to see if she needed something. Then the horrible discovery was made: she had missed the bus!

Undeterred by this difficulty, they put their heads together to find a solution. Just then, two sisters walked by on their way to a car. Solution found! The two sisters were headed in the direction of Pasadena and were happy to take on a passenger. Happily hitching a ride, she soon found herself on her way to the Huntington Gardens after all! Meeting up with her fellow residents and Sister Gaudencia, she relished the breathtaking beauty of the Gardens and the large exhibit on Blessed Junipero Serra.

One of the highlights of the day had to be the Chinese Gardens with the colorful coy fish and sweeping willow trees. Sitting in the shade of a tree enjoying her lunch, she smiled as she thought to herself, “I hope others get know what it is like to miss the bus, but not to miss out.”


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