Reflections on Catholic Healthcare

As the 9:00 am Mass concluded, two figures slowly emerged from the congregation, moving towards the Communion rail. Slowly, they advanced until they stood at the threshold of the Sanctuary.

Father Patrick stepped forward to meet them. Gently, he invited them to face each other. She in a wheelchair, he with a walker, they faced one other and looked into each other’s face.

Forty-Eight years ago this day, they made a vow and today was a day of renewal. Forty-Eight years of joy, love, trials, and just daily living have passed and their love has grown deeper with the passing years. They knew intimately the promise of fidelity “in sickness and in health.”

With great love and joy, they renewed their marriage vow to each other and received a special blessing. Congratulations on Forty-Eight years of love and faithfulness!


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