The Poetry of Elizabeth M.

Original poem composed by Elizabeth M.

Of all the blessings one gets in this life,

At the top of my list is the fox hunter’s wife.

Who awakens in darkness to the alarm,

Who prays that her husband will come to no harm.

Who sets out the coffee and hunting clothes,

Who binds up his wounds and comforts his woes.

Who drives out to see him come home from the chase,

With mud on his breeches and joy on his face.

Who brings him a picnic of quiche and white wine,

Who sees that his buddies all have a good time.

Who brings carrots to horses,

Knows everyone’s name-

Is benefit chairman, or helps run a game.

Who listens to hunt stories year in and year out,

And rolls with the punches and joins in the shout.

As I say – of the blessings in this earthly life,

None can compare to the fox hunter’s wife!

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