Good Shepherd Cottage Rates

Room Description Monthly Rate
Studio $ 3,500
Single* $ 4,500
Two Bed* $ 5,000
Levels of Care Monthly Rate
Level 1 Includes medication management up to twice a day and bed making $ 350
Level 2 Includes services described in Level 1, medication management up to four times a day, bathing twice a week, assistance with activities of daily living (ex: dressing and grooming) $ 600
Level 3 Includes services described in Level 1 and 2, provides full assistance with medication management, bathroom assistance and assistance with ambulation as needed $ 1,000
Level 4 Includes services described in Levels 1, 2, and 3, urinary incontinence care (includes bathing if needed), regular bathing four times a week, and transferring (standby assistance only) $ 1,500

* If these rooms are shared by two people a second person fee of $500 per month is assessed and total rate is divided between the two persons sharing.
All rates are subject to changes.

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