Mission of Santa Teresita

Santa Teresita is β€œAt the Service of the Family for Life,” surrounding our cherished seniors with professional nursing, rehabilitative and care-giving support while at the same time empowering their lives with vibrancy, purpose, and fulfillment. Santa Teresita is truly a home – a life-giving, energetic campus! This is our mission and guiding principle and is rooted in our values of unwavering commitment and steadfast adherence to the moral and ethical teachings of the Catholic Church.

Santa Teresita further defines this mission to include the following goals:
-Provide a continuum of short and long-term care for the elderly in a compassionate manner.
-Uphold and promote the dignity of life at all stages in the care we provide and to the families we serve through quality assurance and education.
-Demonstrate responsible stewardship of healthcare assets to provide quality care.

At the Service of the Family for Life expresses what Santa Teresita is all about – creating a physical and spiritual space where seniors and their families can live and enjoy life together to the full. We want to help make the dream of vibrancy, life, and dignity for our beloved elders a reality. The latter years of life are meant to be rewarding, filled with purpose and nurturing. They should be overflowing with the beauty of nature, the joy of companionship, intellectual stimulation, physical and social involvement, the love of children, family, friends, pets, and above all: a special closeness to God. This is provided at Santa Teresita in our beautiful Neighborhood of Care.

Carmelite Sister with Resident
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