“We must look for the strength which pours forth from union and
very much prayer. Without that, we can do nothing.”
-Venerable Mother Luisita

Today, February 11th we commemorate the life of Venerable Mother Luisita, Foundress of the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles. Throughout her life, Mother Luisita lovingly cared for the sick and dying, helping others experience God’s loving presence in the midst of the terrible suffering. She established at Santa Teresita over 90 years ago, a thriving mission to carry on the healing presence of Jesus Christ.

February 11th is also the feast day of Our Lady Lourdes and the World Day of the Sick. Together, with Our Blessed Mother Mary and Mother Luisita, we will offer our prayers for the healing of the sick and all affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in this special virtual rosary. Our Sisters, Staff and residents have all collaborated to make this ‘virtual rosary’ possible. We thank you, and your loved ones, for joining us in prayer on this special day! Though we wish we could be together in person, we hope these prayers bring you peace. Be assured of our prayers for you each day and that you remain close in our hearts. May God bless and protect you always in His Most Sacred Heart.

In Christ,
The Carmelite Sisters, Staff, and Residents at Santa Teresita


Please consider supporting Santa Teresita in our mission and works as we
continue to care for the elderly and sick on our campus during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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