Senior University

The Senior University at Santa Teresita is a campus-wide program that is incorporates various education and learning opportunities for our residents. These unique opportunities to provide a continuum of lifelong educational programs to our residents. Our pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the world around us does not decrease as we age. As seniors, the educational paradigm is still important, one of learning and enjoying the world to which they have contributed throughout their lives by their presence and work.

The Senior University education experience is a positive learning opportunity to continue to foster and nurture seniors’ pursuit of knowledge. Whether it is attendance at the monthly lecture series or participating in the Brain Fitness classes or one-on-one instruction sessions, the Sisters and staff at Santa Teresita strive to provide enriching opportunities for the residents at the Manor Skilled Nursing, Bethany Residential Care, and the Good Shepherd Cottage Assisted Living.

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Senior University Opportunities

Monthly Lecture Series:

These monthly lectures give our seniors opportunities to speak to policy makers, service providers, faculty from colleges and universities – those professionals who are making the policies and decisions in the world today. Seniors are able to actively take part in these lectures, tutorials, and discussions. The curriculum reflects that of our many college and universities including: 
Arts and Science, Informatics, Law, Public and Environmental Affairs, Social Work, Engineering and Technology Journalism, Philosophy and Theology.

Brain Fitness classes:

These one-hour classes (three classes per week in the Manor, two per week in Bethany, and two per week in the Good Shepherd Cottage) give residents the opportunity to learn more about current events, goodness in nature, animals, travel, art, Math, natural law, faith in God, sports, health, and special focus topics. In the Catholic Church, we are celebrating the Year of Faith so many of the presentations are focused on the teachings of our Church and the Catholic faith.

One-on-One Instruction Sessions:

These sessions take place either in the resident’s room or outside and consist of studying, reading, activelty learning something that is of particular interest to the resident, and even using an IPad for read-alouds and word games!

Skype and FaceTime:

This is a new and wonderful opportunity for residents to communicate with their family members who may be out of state. Through the Skype or FaceTime program on the iPad, residents can communicate through both sight and sound with their loved ones across the country. For information or to set up an appointment to speak with a resident living at Santa Teresita, please contact Sister Catherine Marie at 626-408-7815 or email at

Examples of Past Presentations

“Mission Possible” presented by Elise Fredrick, Executive Officer of Catholic Mission Doctors Association

“The Fun of Photography” presented by Nikkay Romero, Tri-Community Photo Program

“Sierra Madre Search and Rescue Team” presented by Chuck Stoughton, 
Sierra Madre Search and Rescue Team

“Puppy Training as a Therapy Dog” presented by Connie Mackie Founder and Owner of Dream Dogs Training Company

We welcome visitors to our monthly lecture series presentations in Madonna Hall at Santa Teresita. To view more information about our upcoming monthly presentation, please click here.

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