This week we highlight our volunteers! They are part of our Santa Teresita family and do amazing things for our residents and our campus!

From a volunteer:
Volunteering at Santa Teresita has filled a void in my life that I was not aware needed to be filled! As a young child growing up in a non-traditional Jewish home, faith was not a strong part of my upbringing. Fortunately, I was blessed to have a “second mother” who practiced Catholicism, she was my mom’s best friend and provided me insight into the Catholic faith. When my mother finally succumbed to a 3-year long battle with cancer at 50 years of age, her best friend was by her side offering prayer and love to help her transition peacefully.

When I’m assisting non-ambulatory residents from the Manor to Mass, or vacuuming the chapel to prepare for incoming guests at the villa, I’m reminded of a beautiful relationship that was built on faith for two extraordinary women. Now that I’ve reached 50 years of age, I hold back tears as I sit beside Sister Gaudencia during Sunday Mass at Santa Teresita and think of how proud my Jewish mother would be if she were alive today!

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