During Nurses’ Week Santa Teresita Honors Its Nurses!

As we celebrate Nurses’ Week across the country, what more fitting to let our extraordinary nursing and caregiving staff at Santa Teresita know how grateful we are to them for giving so whole-heartedly of themselves in caring for our residents.

Our Mother Luisita first established a hospital in Mexico, and when she came the United States, she established another healthcare facility – a tuberculosis sanitarium in the San Gabriel Valley in 1930 – 90 years ago. Mother Luisita knew the importance of caring for the sick, and taught her spiritual daughters to “…see each room as a Chapel, see each bed as an altar, and see each patient as Christ”. This is why nursing is a mission and calling that must be lived out with sacred awe – at the beauty of the person before us who is most vulnerable when sick.

In St. Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus says “Whatever you do to the least of these, you do to me.” The care and attentiveness – the many varied ways, tasks big and small – to the sick is what defines nursing and caring for our residents. “….you do it to Me.” Thank you to our nursing staff for seeing Jesus in our residents whom you so selflessly serve.

At Santa Teresita, we are “at the service of the family for LIFE” and we have many dedicated nurses and caregiving staff who have walked this mission with us for many years. We also have some who have walked with us in our mission for a shorter time but who are no less committed. Your selfless dedication makes Santa Teresita a place of peace, a place of hope, a place of healing, a place where death – when our Lord calls a resident home to Himself – becomes a very holy experience.

To our nurses and caregiving staff, Santa Teresita could not be what it is without you. Know how grateful we for the blessing you are to us and our residents. Be assured you remain in our prayers. We are confident God will reward you abundantly in eternity.

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