During this past week, Santa Teresita experienced a procession reminiscent of the Israelite Passover. In ancient times, our Jewish brothers and sisters were led out of slavery in Egypt by our provident God. This began with 10 plagues, with the final plague being the death of Egyptian first-born sons. The Israelites living in Egypt were instructed to place the blood of an unblemished spring lamb on the lintel of their doors. The “angel of death” who, passing by the homes dealing out death, would see the blood and pass over the homes of the Israelites. Through this act, the Israelites were freed from their oppressors and left Egypt to return to the promised land.

This Passover was commemorated by a meal. This was the meal they were instructed to eat prior to the exodus event. They ate the flesh of the spring lamb that was sacrificed, whose blood was the saving mark on their doors. They ate unleavened bread and drank wine interspersed with prayer to their loving God who was leading them to salvation. The Lord asked them to remember this from generation to generation. Sound familiar? Jesus took this salvific event and transformed it into the Eucharist. He took bread and wine and by His Passion and death, transformed it into Himself, the bread and wine, becoming the Body and Blood which gives us eternal life and salvation.

Father Paul and Sister Gianna made a pilgrimage around the Santa Teresita campus with something very similar in mind. Father Paul carrying the Blessed Sacrament passed by every structure on campus. Rather than the dealing death, they instead were invoking the Lord of Life to protect our residents, staff and Sisters from the COVID pandemic plaguing our nation and world. Jesus, in the Blessed Sacrament, passed by each one of us, blessing us with Himself, His Presence in the world. Only in Him can we hope to find freedom from the sin that oppresses us, freedom from a hidden enemy that is currently dealing sickness and death throughout our world, and freedom from fear and hopelessness as we battle this enemy. In this Holy Week, we remember the Lord who took all sin and evil upon Himself, through His Passion and death on the Cross and rose VICTORIOUS conquering evil for all time. Our Savior led us and continues to lead all generations from death to everlasting life!

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