Join us in celebrating two of our residents who BEAT covid-19! Emma Casillas, age 98, and Estella Lopez, age 101, and their families are thanking God for the blessing of life.

From Our Families

Mark Aragon, son of Manor resident Emma Casillas
In our personal encounter with Santa Teresita Manor, one of the most invaluable and encouraging experiences that helped us get through the most heart-wrenching time of our lives during mom’s battle with COVID-19, was the medical staff members. The nurses and staff had such a positive effect on mom. They were uplifting, joyous and very encouraging.

These wonderful angels conducted themselves in the most selfless manner we have ever had the pleasure to witness. Though they worked tirelessly, they never revealed it. They seemed to overcome the disabling power of fear, and simply displayed the face of Jesus through their tenderness, mercy and love for each of their patients.

We can remember specifically during a FaceTime session, when one us was singing the song “You are my sunshine” to our mother. To our surprise, Sister Karolyn Rose began to sing along! Another time, Sister told us about her favorite Lucy show “The Trip to California”. So one day, mom was watching, the “I Love Lucy show”, when Sister Karolyn Rose, once again, stepped in to watch the show with mom, comforting her. We remember yet another time, when we each had a time of prayer, where a staff member prayed along with us. These are only a few examples of their genuine love and care for mom.

There is no quantification that can ever measure the amount of love, dedication and devotion each one of these lovely women possessed while caring for mom. We will be forever grateful, and applaud the staff of Santa Teresita Manor. God bless all of you. You will forever be our family.

Rick López, son of Manor resident Estella Lopez
Dear sisters, doctors, nurses, CNA’s, and all support staff at Santa Teresita Manor Skilled Nursing: I’m writing this letter to all of you with heartfelt gratitude and from the bottom of my heart to express my deepest appreciation for God’s angels at Santa Teresita Manor.

My mother has been under your care at The Manor for the last six years. At 101 years old, the care and love she has received from everyone, along with God’s help and blessings has allowed her to reach this century milestone plus one year!

We are living in a most difficult time with major health issues and challenges facing us, particularly as it relates to our elderly loved ones. Our family has been continuously comforted by the fact that the care, love and spiritual well-being given to my mom at Santa Teresita Manor is unparalleled. This care has translated to abundant hope for my mother and to all the residents as they navigate their health and spiritual needs.

My family and I know full well that my mother is always with family and love at The Manor.

With heartfelt appreciation and gratitude.

Patricia Lopez-Cunningham, daughter of Manor resident Estella Lopez
I think they [at the Manor] did a really good job…the attention and care and taking us into consideration on the journey was very good. We know our 101-year old mother never would have gotten that in a hospital setting. We knew that. When we first told, we thought “oh dear, this is not what we wanted.”

So there was the decision to take her to the hospital…and I’ll tell you honestly, we were very nervous about that. We were unsure. Given the fact that she had been already been there [at the Manor] almost six years, we figured, no this is probably the best place for her. And we knew this because of other people we had spoken to, and our niece and nephew are nurses and they said we made the right decision.

We’re glad we did because we knew the next day that this was the best place because when Sister Helena opened the window for us, we saw she is definitely in the best place she could be. They knew my mother and I think that was the really critical part in this journey because they knew her. And we knew they would take care of her, they would be attentive and there was a human aspect of the touch, which we knew she wouldn’t get over there [at the hospital] other than being handed her medication. By the second day, I can tell you, we were so sure this was the best place for her. It was so hard to see her like that, but the smiles on the nuns’ faces, when they would come out and meet us, we just knew we were in the right place. Especially with such an unknown disease….we’re glad she stayed there. You held her hand, actually, and we’re very grateful.

My brothers and sisters and I don’t believe our mom would have made it without the presence of the sisters and other staff – they were phenomenal. When they first let us look through the window, we were so excited! For them, the sisters and staff to make the effort to make that happen….we were so excited and see how she looked. The opportunity to see her through the window, to make that happen for us, we were shocked…and thought how what a very human aspect in how they talked to us, treated us and updated us.

The caring, the technical care, as well as the personal part, the human aspect made the whole journey so much easier.

Yolanda Casillas, daughter of Manor resident Emma Casillas
When our family first decided that our 98-year-old mother needed extensive nursing care, we researched multiple facilities. Santa Teresita Manor Skilled Nursing met all our expectations. Everyone was genuinely kind, caring and understanding of the difficult decision we faced. The staff has been very attentive to our mother’s needs and has her day filled with spiritual, physical and cognitive activities.

When COVID-19 happened, we were so scared but just knowing and seeing the care our mother received, the loving care, the understanding of the staff toward our mother and to us too reassured us she was being well taken care of. I do believe in all my heart, that God oversees the staff at Santa Teresita and helped to get my mom to this point with comfort and hope and healing she received. My mom always loved praying the rosary and Sister always prayed with her. That was something….I’m sure that she wasn’t even afraid, as much as we were, she had the faith and hope with the sisters and staff there. It made that much of a difference, that’s what helped her heal, and of course God giving her that healing, but He worked His miracle through the sisters and the nursing staff. That was a great, powerful tool.

One of the most important components of the Christian life is the way we communicate with one another. (Ephesians 4:29) Their words have been a powerful tool of encouragement, hope, and healing. We found with Santa Teresita to be a home of comfort and healing. We thank God for guiding us to Santa Teresita Skilled Nursing Manor and we tell everyone we talk to what a great experience this has been, even though it was scary, but it’s been a good experience knowing how good it was for our mom.

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