The new year, not yet one week old yet and celebrating the Epiphany-Visit of the 3 Kings, was celebrated by sisters, residents and friends who enjoyed a delightful evening at the Good Shepherd Cottage! Singing grace with the well-known refrain of “Alleluia” sung by the Sisters, opened the beginning of a delicious dinner treat of ‘In and Out’ burgers and fries, provided by a beloved friend and benefactor of Santa Teresita.

Part of the evening was spent enjoying the home-made “Rosca de Reyes” bread, (a traditional bread to celebrate the 3 Kings) and trying to find the baby Jesus hidden inside! Our resident, Ellen, was the lucky winner! The 3 Kings brought the residents gifts and then we all settled into the living room for the showing of Jimmy Stewart’s classic “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Many laughs were had by all as the lessons of the movie unfolded scene by scene. Our lives, too, unfold, day by day.

As a family at Santa Teresita, we try to embrace the blessings that come to us at every moment. We are grateful for the lessons learned in 2016 and look forward to the blessings to come in 2017! The residents, truly are the treasures of Santa Teresita, far greater than ‘gold, frankincense and myrrh,’ and they show us by their wisdom, that this truly is “a wonderful life!”

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