Green. What do you think of when you think of green? Perhaps plants? Or just living things in general? Or more likely, at this time of year… Ireland!

Let’s all just admit it right now. We all want to be Irish. On St. Patrick’s day, most of us suddenly dug up our thrice removed drop of Irish blood and brought it out as though we had nothing else!

Green, life, Ireland. Ireland is so alive and so green, not only in landscape, but within the very hearts of the people there seems to be the energy of a joy of life that is very Irish. The music, the dancing, the jokes, and the accent, all emanate a lovely charm which captures everyone’s heart.

Here at Santa Teresita, we were all Irish for St. Patrick’s day, at least in spirit if not by blood. Residents and staff gathered in Madonna Hall, all decked out in their brightest and best of green (even the sisters had donned the appropriate clover leaf hats and pins). Live Irish music kept us all tapping our toes, and some of our Sisters even performed Irish dance, much to everyone’s delight.

Mother Luisita, our foundress, and consequently all our Carmelites, loved the Irish, and most particularly Irish priests. Fr. Callahan was a good Irish priest of Los Angeles who was a huge support to the sisters as they tried to settle into this very new country after immigration. A charming story took place years later, when another priest named Fr. Callahan, without knowing the sisters very well, requested that some of them come to teach at his parish school. Mother Margarita immediately replied in the affirmative, much to this new Fr. Callahan’s delight and surprise. Mother was so quick only because of her love for Irish priests, and her particular fondness for those with the name Callahan.

As you celebrate St. Patrick’s day next year, remember that he himself wasn’t even Irish! So if he can be the iconic Irish symbol, and if Mother Luisita and Margartita can love the Irish with all their hearts, you and I, Irish or not, can take part in this celebration of Irish faith and joy with all the spirit we have in us!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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