By: Sr. Isabelle

Mr. Moore’s* eyes were filled with tears. “I am so grateful to you. You gave me back my life.” This ninety one year old man’s greatest pain is loneliness. A retired LAPD Blue officer with no remaining family to support him, he turns to God in prayer. “Talking to Jesus”, as he calls it, gets him through. He makes a daily holy hour before the Blessed Sacrament, attends daily Mass, and prays the rosary many times each day for others.
The sisters, staff, and fellow residents reach out in love to this man, helping to lift the burden of loneliness that he is carrying. With each visit, he expresses his profound gratitude over and over again, saying “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
One of the joys that Mr. Moore has to look forward to are visits from his friends in the local police department. About a year ago, following a breakfast at Santa Teresita to thank our public servants, the officers were introduced to Mr. Moore. When he saw this group of about five officers in full uniform at his door, tears began to well up in his eyes. The officers visited with him for a little while, swapping police stories and enjoying one another’s presence. Before the officers left, Mr. Moore got up and went into the other room to get something. When he came back he had his police badge in his hand, which he carefully unwrapped from the soft tissue paper folded around it. He passed it to the closest officer and as they handed it from one to the other, expressions of awe could be heard.
Later that day, at the end of the shift, the Captain decided to bring the whole department by to meet Mr. Moore and to give him a gift bag full of various items with the police department’s logo on them. More tears of gratitude! He could not stop talking about this visit for weeks, that is, until they came for the next visit! The police department has adopted our resident, Mr. Moore as family. They remember his birthday and stop by to visit him when they are able. Their kindness has transformed lonely holidays into experiences of joy for Mr. Moore.

This quote from St. Paul sums it up (notice the chapter and verse).

“You will be enriched in every way for your great generosity
which will produce thanksgiving to God through us…”
– 2 Corinthians 9:11, or 9-1-1

*Name was changed to protect privacy

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