A Day in the Life of Santa Teresita…Our Neighborhood of Care

Celebration was in the air.  It was the day before Mother’s Day and while the clouds were thick overhead, the air surrounding the Santa Teresita campus was thick with hymns of praise, joy and laughter.

From the Chapel windows sweet songs to our Blessed Mother billowed out like incense as our resident queen, Timotea, crowned the Queen of Heaven and Earth in our annual May Crowning ceremony.  It wasn’t long before the crowd began to spill out onto the sidewalk with jubilant chatter as they all headed to Madonna Hall for lunch with Mom and a variety of festivities:  classical guitar, mariachi’s and a little bit of salsa on the side (no we were not eating Mexican food!).

I ventured back out of the hall toward the end of the party only to be beckoned excitedly by the daughter of a resident.  “Come, eat, celebrate!  Mom is turning 93 and we are all celebrating!”  Just a few yards off, the cafeteria had been transformed into a private dining room crowded with happy guests and dispersed among them piles of delicious food, beautiful bouquets of  well-wishing flowers and stacks of cards and presents.


Who could ask for a better day?  One filled with joy, friendship, family and the gift love, given to us all, especially here at Santa Teresita.


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