In this season of Thanksgiving, we were blessed to be able to interview a couple of our community members from the Good Shepherd Cottage: Gordon Baden and Libby Thaller.

Gordon Baden was born in Washington D.C., just a couple blocks from the White House. When asked what he was grateful for this Thanksgiving season, Mr. Baden replied that the blessing of being here at Santa Teresita is one he is most thankful for. “I think it’s wonderful for me to be here. The Lord has been very gracious to me to put me here for my final thirty-two years.” He continued with his characteristic twinkle, “I’ll be one hundred and seventeen when I go, you know.”
In this year of mercy, Mr. Baden also expressed his eternal gratitude for God’s mercy: “I haven’t been good all my life, but I think I’ve finally settled down to try to be holy; to try to have conversion.”

We ended our interview asking Mr. Baden if there’s any small, daily part of life for which he would like to express gratitude. The ability to pray was his first thought, and he also added that he is grateful for the suffering the Lord has allowed in his life: “I was born with a little mild cerebral palsy, and I really thought, at first, that it was a handicap. But it’s not. It’s a grace. It’s a grace he gives me every day, and I love it. I know God loves me as I am.”

Libby Thaller, originally from Pennsylvania, is supremely thankful for three things: “My health, of course; my family; and this place, Santa Teresita, to be here.”
When asked to speak a little more about her gratitude for Santa Teresita, Mrs. Thaller stressed that she feels at peace here: “I’m thankful for the people, the sisters, the safety, and also the comfort. I’ve been with Santa Teresita since 2008; I started at Avila Gardens. So I feel very comfortable here.”
A little gift of daily life that Mrs. Thaller is very thankful for are all the birds. “I love birds.” Smiling and directing our eyes towards the sunny window, she continued: “I have hummingbirds that come right outside my window here.”

During this Thanksgiving season, we join with Gordon and Libby in giving thanks for the innumerable gifts our Lord has given us, and ask for the grace to always receive and thank Him for whatever He allows in our lives.

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