A Day in the Life of Santa Teresita…Our Neighborhood of Care

Being a mix of Irish and German, I found it quite amusing one morning to walk into the Manor and be greeted with the question, “Sister,…are you from El Salvador?”  When I responded in the negative, the resident loudly and confidently retorted, “I thought for sure you were from El Salvador!”

It is impossible for one to live and work here at Santa Teresita and still remain sad and glum, even if life’s circumstances are challenging.  The residents, especially the ‘old timers’ are hilarious and keep everyone on their toes with questions, comments and humor.  

“It’s cold in here, Sister.  Do you got any Taquila?”

One day, after an activity, I was looking around the room for a bag I had set down.  After ten minutes of walking to and fro, retracing all of my steps, and beginning to panic, I looked at the back of the room only to see a partially toothless smile.  A very mischievous resident was holding up the bag for me to see, allowing it to swing slowly back and forth.  He had been hiding it and watching me expressionless, as I walked all around the room looking for the bag!  Oh did he laugh and I had to laugh too!  

No, there is never a dull moment with our elders around!

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