A Day in the Life of Santa Teresita…Our Neighborhood of Care

Walking into Stonefire Grill, with two other sisters and seven residents, I saw the manager, Alberto, coming forward to welcome us as the staff turned toward us. The residents were grinning with expectation because they had made a little plan on our way to the restaurant.

As soon as we were in the door, I called out, “Three cheers for Stonefire Grill! Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray!” and not only did the residents join us in cheering but the staff did too! Their faces brightened up and their smiles got bigger. We presented them with our homemade sign which said “Santa Teresita Seniors Support Stonefire Grill” and several flame striped balloons and they put them by the cash register.

The whole staff came out in their maroon tee-shirts after we were seated and we took several group photos as well as candid shots throughout the meal. Alberto was very kind to us and he would not let us pay, even though we insisted saying that we came to thank them for all that they do. Alberto said this was such a special occurrence, he wanted to provide the meal on the house. At this one of our ladies said, “You can’t get ahead of Stonefire Grill!” This made us all chuckle and smile all the more.

The food was delicious! Between the 10 of us, we had tortilla soup, salad, coleslaw, beans, sandwiches, chicken, tri tip, and ice cold drinks. The stylized, masculine décor as well as the photo wall where we saw Mary’s picture caught our eyes. Mary is the one who sends us a free meal each month. We noticed that the place got very busy as our meal progressed and greeted a number of police officers who came for lunch, promising them our prayers for their safety.

Alberto said we had made his day when we left and I told him that they had done the same for us. I really meant it. We did have a splendid time. On the way home, all of the residents agreed that they really enjoyed our outing. One lady who had been feeling weak and dizzy all morning said that when she started to eat, the food was so good she ended up finishing her entire portion of chicken and tri tip! No more dizziness!

It was an amazing experience of sharing love and gratitude which multiplied blessings for everyone!

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