The Poetry Corner

Original Poetry by Residents

A Mother’s heart is poised with love

As greatest gift from our Father above

Full of kindness, forgiving again and again

She carries all sorrows, hiding all strain

Great wisdom shines from her ageless eyes

Beaming strength beating trouble whenever inside

While for our early childhood’s small pain

Mommy’s soft touch gave us sunshine again

Past parks, toys and funfilled great game

Mother will now be her rightful blessed name

Loving small rascals with equal skilled art

Like young women and men, capturing their heart

Through years of schoolpals and friends alike

Mothers still lead with their guiding light

Protectful with prayers all through our life

Till children seal to husband and wife

Calloused worn hands still send prayers above

Seeking health and good fortune blessing us

We thank you today for all your love

Of a great mother’s lead to our Father above.

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