A Day in the Life of Santa Teresita…Our Neighborhood of Care

Gooey white goop…after mixing up that concoction of corn starch and water…now, pick up some in your hands…is it solid or is it liquid? WAIT! It is BOTH! It is called Ooblek! Try it at home!

We did and when you squeeze it, it is solid like a snow ball. When you release your grip, it becomes liquid and drizzles through your hands. This was the Senior University science experiment made by the Hayden students and residents, led by a science teacher and Mom of one of our Sisters, and aided by the help of adult volunteers, teen volunteers and staff gathered in the Pink Room.

Their first task of the day was to create homemade ‘slime’ that was “admired” from afar by our residents and played with gleefully by our Hayden children. Some residents were willing to pick it up and realized that they could stretch it like silly putty and it was not as messy as they thought.

Finally, after the slime and ooblek was somewhat cleaned up, all hands were washed and every person from big to small, was able to shake, rattle and roll their ziplock bags filled with ice, rock salt, cream, milk, sugar and vanilla and enjoy spoonfuls of delicious homemade ice-cream-in-a-bag.

Just another intergenerational morning at Santa Teresita, where life is lived to the full, appreciated and celebrated and where joy, laughter, messes and clean up are a normal part of our every day journey!

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