How would you like to make a pilgrimage to Lourdes? What if you could do it without getting on an airplane or boat? Impossible, you say? Not when you know the Carmelites and the Knights of Malta.


Each year, the Knights of Malta host a beautiful Mass in honor of Our Lady of Lourdes. On this day, hundreds of elderly and sick come to experience the healing of prayer and to receive the sacrament of the sick. This year, the Mass for the World Day of the Sick was hosted at Our Lady of the Angeles Cathedral in downtown Los Angeles with music provided by the Carmelite Sisters.


Five fortunate residents of Santa Teresita “booked their flight” upon the Santa Teresita van to make this special pilgrimage. Arriving early so as to enjoy a picnic lunch in the Cathedral plaza, they awaited the beginning of the liturgy. As they ate, Knights of Malta came to converse and meet these excited pilgrims.


Soon, each was settled within the vast nave and peacefully entered into the solemn celebration. Tears filled their eyes as the sisters sang their blessing song. After the Mass, one resident proudly beamed as she told one of the Knights: “Did you like the music? Those are OUR sisters!”

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