Santa Teresita…A Neighborhood of Care

The finish line was just ahead. Now was the time for the final push. She could see several runners were ahead of her, but she was undeterred. Smiling she sped towards the finish line with her daughter close beside her. A joyful cheer rose from the crowd as they crossed the line.

This was no ordinary runner and no ordinary race. Eleanor was one of the three wheelchair teams that participated in the Hayden 5K Run, Family Walk and Roll. Well in her 90s and a resident of Santa Teresita Manor, Eleanor and her daughter were excited at the opportunity to participate in this unique race. This was not their first year lining up at the starting line of the 5K. Little did they know what lay in store for them this year.

The race complete, they settled down for a bite to eat as they watched the entertainment on the stage. Finally, it was announced that the award ceremony was beginning. Starting with the youngest group, each age category received their medals. Each awardee was vigorously applauded.

Suddenly, Eleanor heard her name pronounced over the microphone. She looked to her daughter. “Mom, you won!” she exclaimed. She had won second place in the wheelchair team category. Beaming from ear to ear, she allowed herself to be wheeled in front of the stage to receive her silver medal. From the look on her face, you could tell she felt like a winner this day.

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