The Travels of Mabel K.

When asked where she has traveled, Mabel K. will give you a winning smile and say, “Well, I have not traveled to Japan, South America and Lake Titicaca.”

When one has traveled the world, at some point it becomes easier to name the places you haven’t seen!

Mabel recently shared with us some of her experiences in Europe…

“Every place we travelled, we took public transportation. In Europe, you can take public transportation to get anywhere: the airport, the next town, everywhere. We did not stay in hotels either. My husband and I stayed in peoples’ homes. We had such a fine time traveling. I have little travel journals that I recorded everything in. I went to Poland to see the town where my mother grew up. I saw the little church where my grandfather played the organ and my grandmother made all the altar bread. It is still there as far as I know. The house, however, is gone: completely leveled. They had a lot of bombings there during the war.”

“You are Polish?” 

“Very much so! But, you know, I never saw Pope John Paul II in person. I did see Pope John XXIII, though.”

“You did? How close did you get?”

Looking up towards the wall which was about 2 yards away, she said, “maybe from here to the wall,”  With sparkling eyes she continued, “he passed by on that little pallet that they used to carry the pope on.”

“How in the world did you get so close?” 

Laughing, she admitted, “well, it wasn’t planned. My husband and I were just visiting the Church. It began to fill up so we could tell something was going to happen. Moving over to a set of pews that were roped off, my husband pushed over the cord and told me there was plenty of room for us to sit there. We took our seats and a little while later, Pope John XXIII was brought by on that pallet. He was so close. Then there was Mass. It was the beatification mass for some saint who I cannot recall now. An Italian gentleman gave us a program so we could see who it was. It was so neat to be so close to the Pope.”

Stay tuned for more adventures from the Travels of Mabel K…


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