Santa Teresita…a Neighborhood of Care

Do you recall those days of High School Spirit Weeks? The bleachers packed with energetic students, yelling towards the opposite side: “We’ve got spirit! Yes we do! We’ve got spirit! How ‘bout you?” The general effect was one of enthusiasm, excitement and a quasi-unity (at least in the voices).

Spirit week looks a bit different at Santa Teresita. While we are not expecting any large pep rallies or yelling matches, plenty of excitement and enthusiasm can be eagerly anticipated. As the whole campus unites for activities and fun, we celebrate our greatest gift: Life! Last year was filled with plenty of outdoor activities and simply enjoyable games that brought about more than just a unity of voices. We are looking forward to more spirited fun this year as we celebrate during the week of Easter. 

During Spirit and Mission week, the unity expressed can almost be felt tangibly as you walk on campus. No longer is each person an isolated individual, but they are brought into a vibrant and loving community.  While we may not have the voices to shout out, the joy is electrifying. We’ve got Spirit! Yes we do! We’ve got Spirit! How ‘bout you?

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