Our Lady of Mount Carmel Rosary Makers

Saturdays | 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. | Cafeteria

Have you ever passed by the Cafeteria on Saturday mornings and wondered what all those people were doing, gathered around tables, chatting and laughing? That group is formally called Our Lady of Mount Carmel Rosary Makers, or simply the “Rosary Makers.” The group started in the late 1990’s with a handful of people under the guidance of Sister Teresina, who faithfully met every Saturday morning. 

“Now we have 45 rosary makers and have given away more than 336,000 rosaries to those who do not have a rosary and to the missions in countries all over the world, including India, the Philippines, Nigeria, Mexico, and Poland,” Sister Teresina says as she looks proudly at the members of the group. 

These wonderful volunteers hand bead each and every rosary, using a variety of colors, lovingly crafting each one in honor of our Blessed Mother.  Many of the rosary makers are long-time volunteers, residents, or family of residents somehow affiliated with Santa Teresita.  Any one interested in participating is invited to attend.  Don’t be shy about bringing some food to share, it seems making rosaries builds up an appetite and the group will typically share a meal at the end of each meeting!

For more information, please call (626) 408-7802.


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