Valentine’s Day at Santa Teresita

As the sun began to turn a beautiful hue of rose, a stately black car pulled up beside the Good Shepherd Cottage. The rose-tinted sun beams matched the colorful display of pinks and reds with which the residents and staff were arrayed. The black car was no normal vehicle, but a classy limousine complete with a wet bar consisting of Gatorades and Soda pop.

One by one, the residents piled into the limo and took a turn about the block before being delivered to the front entrance of Madonna Hall in style. Today, the roles were switched. Sons and daughters escorted their parents to the door of the limo and then raced over to the hall to anxiously await their arrival. Armed with cameras and cell phones, each son and daughter hovered at the entrance of Madonna Hall in order to capture mom or dad’s arrival on film.

As they entered the hall, a 5-foot heart greeted them. “Happy Valentine’s Day! Love Jesus.” was the simple message painted in colorful script upon the heart. Accompanied by loved ones, each resident enjoyed a catered supper from Stone Fire Grill and delightful piano music compliments of Sister Mary Paul. The ensuing entertainment was provided by the residents themselves.

One stood up and recited a poem written by his son. A group of ladies sat together and performed as a bell choir under the direction of Sister Gaudencia. Lastly, our resident comedian delighted the audience with a stand-up comedy act performed alongside Sister Isabelle.

Though there was no romance in the air, there was no lack of love. Parents sat with their children and grandchildren (even one great-grandchild came!) thoroughly enjoying each other. I could think of no better way to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day than this.


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