A Day in the Life of Santa Teresita…Our Neighborhood of Care

Gazing towards the horizon, a small speck could be made out. As it grew closer, the figure of a man could be seen. His dark brown tunic seemed to blend in with the desert surroundings. He was a familiar sight now to those who inhabited this region. Soon, the bell began to toll in the Mission proclaiming the arrival of this brown clad man. Padre Junipero Serra was here!

Close to 300 years later, Padre Serra is still very much present. With great joy, the residents of Santa Teresita gathered in Madonna Hall to hear the history of this influential man. Gloria Sierra, a docent from the Huntington Library, presented a beautiful history of Blessed Junipero Serra’s life. Large pictures of the Padre and the missions he built filled the large screen.

Across the stage, stood 10 miniature missions diligently wrought by the Fourth grade students of St. Joseph’s School in La Puente. The eyes of each attendee lit up as they gazed upon these little missions. Some recalled the mission models they had built as a child. As the presentation drew to a close, one could almost imagine standing in the doorway of one of the missions, gazing towards the horizon, waiting for the arrival of Padre Serra.


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