A Day in the Life of Santa Teresita…Our Neighborhood of Care

“Did you know I never went to college?” She looked up at me with bright eyes full of life. “In fact, I didn’t go to High School either. It was not popular or necessary in my time.” Now that she knew she had my full attention, she leaned back leisurely in her chair and recounted the stories from her youth.

Even though she has completed over 100 years of life, she could remember fine details with amazing accuracy. I, too, leaned back and enjoyed her story. “Yes, schooling was an option in my time and I was not interested. Instead, I got a job in one of the first 5 and dimes. At that time, there was a young girl positioned next to every item, selling it. It was not like today where you go and grab whatever you want on display. Every item had a girl next to it. I worked six days a week for ten dollars. I liked that job.”

Changing gears she continued her jaunt down memory lane. “My mother was also very young when she came to Philadelphia. She took the boat all the way from Europe to the United States all by herself. She was fourteen years old at that time. Could you imagine doing that? She was such a good mother.” With this last sentence, she glanced up again and smiled. The years seemed to melt away as she recalled the beautiful memories.

Isn’t it a joy to walk down memory lane?

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